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Algernon: outside of the boundary of human science and ethics

Watched the movie 'Poor things'

The protagonist of the film is the product of a baby’s brain tissue that was put inside the brain...

SCGD 2024

From 11EDT onwards, i.e, I missed the first hour's talk (again)

all the talks are with preprints Genome wide TF binding SHARE-Seq In the aim of interpreti...

Mother or Child?

This is a question starting from the gene regulation.

It is a typical plot in the series when the preganancy outcome is endangered, the husband’s famil...

You Were Not Born Alone

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Prenatal Companion

Before you took your first breath before your tiny heart started its rhythmic beat, there was a s...



风晴雪散滲屠苏, 岸柳牵枝日日长。 燕转五洲同尽兴, 去路独骑放狂歌。

Daily Refreshing

"Here I collect the splashes by the sea."

此贴亦更新于超理论坛,有的信息由坛友提供。 2023-11-25 现在开的书是细胞信号的系统生物学。 Chapter 1.6: 既然我们称,一般也是practical的研究对象,细胞信号系统...



五十里外寒霜地,凉酒一壶坠青崖。 行傍凇间缬秋露,雁随月影啼几声。

Bioinfo organisations and seminars

In Sweden Medbioinfo SciLifeLab Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop DDLS: SciL...


我的灵魂 在草场上 睡着一匹马驹

就让狂风吹过 \ 我的身体 \ 迎击袭袭瀑雨 \ 我的灵魂 \ 在草场上 \ 睡着一匹白驹 \ \ He realized he was surrounded by the spa...

Carbon fixation research in Rad Lab

Work besides the Oppie and the Bomb

The story In those days of nuclear physics fever, there were large groups corresponding to each ...